Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Before We Start Reading It

Hi everybody. My name is Hashim. This is my official blog for search engine optimization. Basically I am a computer science engineer who converted into online search marketing. I handle SEO, SEM, SMO and other online activities that can help clients to achieve success online. I love to give advice and started my blogging recently.

Before start posting anything to this SEO blog, I would like to grab your attention to my first article that I had published on my company website.

It’s all about how can we achieve traffic to our website or blog. This atmosphere is quite good to read about Blog itself. How can we bring traffic to our blog by using a few techniques? What are those activities that can easily help us to increase keyword rankings?

I hope here I can write down many unique articles and inner thoughts in terms of SEO. I will discuss about all off-page techniques, on-page stuffs, Google Panda updates, Social Media Optimization and Online search marketing tips etc.

It's not only just to share my experiences but also thoughts & doubts that came across while managing certain SEO projects. My all SEO projects in usual way deals with normal websites, blog sites, e-commerce or online portals. No matter what kind of website may be, finding a feasible solution to the goal is the ultimate challenge. Hence, let’s start our journey to find the “feasible Solution” for websites…..

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